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Toilet play sessions are growing in popularity rapidly, and I am now offering more of this type of play than ever before. Gone are the days where scat play is reserved for only those with an interest in pursuing the most extreme, now this is an area that many submissives, with varied interests want to dip their toe into the water and explore. 

So what does that mean for Me? 

It means that I often offer many sessions that include many different aspects of play, often ranging from foot worship, to strap on play, and finishing up with water-sports or hard-sports. This may seem like an absolute dream to many of you reading this with an interest in toilet play, however the reality is that this can often lead to ‘the main event’ being left until the very end of our session, which may become rushed or missed completely if you are exhausted from the many other types of play that we have already enjoyed during our session. 

What will be changing? 

Don’t worry, toilet play will still be available, however sessions to include scat will now have to be booked as a toilet play exclusive, session. There will be a set tribute for this session, and the duration will last between 1 hour and 90 minutes dependent on how things progress. Sessions to include scat will no longer be able to be booked alongside other session activities such as strap on, ball busting, etc., you are welcome to visit on another occasion to explore your other interests. 

Water-sports will still be available during both toilet play exclusive, and regular sessions

’Oh Mistress, but WHY?’

The answer to this is simple, if you genuinely have a strong interest in toilet play, then this deserves to be explored fully in a manner that is not rushed, or hindered by running many activities in the same session. There is a growing frenzy amongst many submissives to try to explore as much as possible in a single session, and this is just not practical on most occasions.

The change will be effective from the 23rd of October 2017, any sessions that have already been booked via My previous method will still be honored under what was discussed, however any new sessions to be booked will be subject to this change. 

A ‘Toilet Play Exclusive’ tribute will be added to My tribute list within the coming week for any of you looking to arrange a session. 

Thank you for reading, 

Miss Anna 


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Posted on 13th October 2017


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