About Me

Welcome to My world...

I am a professional Dominatrix, a lifestyle Mistress, and once in My presence, one of the most dominant Women you will serve.

I am intelligent, educated and cultured, born with a natural talent for domination. My sexuality goes much further than the walls of My fully equipped fetish play room, it is who I am, and I express it in everything that I do.

I have a passion for domination, it goes much further than just an 'interest'. I have been a genuine player for a number of years, and My experience speaks for its self.  

I am in My early 20's, and standing at a perfectly proportioned 5'2, with a stunning size 6/8 figure, I am physically fit and flawless. You will always find Me dressed to impress...

I am a true Mistress of all things Kink, I am a genuine Dominant Female.

My obvious superiority will leave you weak, and feeling humbled in My presence, your place beneath Me, offering yourself to Me for My own amusement.

I will take great pleasure in leading you through your journey into submission, I will show you my world of BDSM, respectful of your limits and ensuring our play is consensual, safe and sane.

Come and submit yourself to Me, you wont look back.
.. Anna X' 


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