Here is what those who have had the pleasure of meeting Me, have to say...

Testimonial by Sub M

I have had the privilege of submitting to Miss Anna three times, and each time I have found my experience at Her hands to be a wonderful one. In session Miss Anna combines a beautifully sadistic and cruel side with a gentle, seductive voice that could easily convince you to submit to pretty much any degradation or treatment willingly and with a smile on your face.

During our last session Miss Anna subjected me to an array of wonderful, painful and occasionally pleasurable torments over our two hours together.  Upon the start of our session Miss Anna instructed me to worship Her wonderful knee-length boots, and asked me how I would like to submit during this session. 

It was a great thrill to grovel at Miss Anna's feet confessing to all of the things that I craved to have done to me, all the while looking up to see a menacing smile on Her face..  The rest of the session is a blur, involving sustained CBT, nipple torture, and Her vacbed, which was an amazing near spiritual bondage experience! The crescendo of the session involved me being secured tightly to the whipping bench with a large, cold anal hook installed deep inside me whilst Miss Anna teased and tormented me; I have genuinely never felt more vulnerable or aroused, and the conclusion proved to be inevitable!

Post session aftercare was, as usual, fantastic.

Miss Anna appeared to enjoy our session (which is a kick in itself!) and we had a great chat that went some way to exploring my numerous kinks and fetishes, which included tantalising suggestions for our next session.

In short, I cannot recommend Miss Anna enough. I feel I have found my little corner of BDSM heaven, and look forward to many, many more wonderful experiences at Miss Anna's hands.

Testimonail by Chrypto

Miss Anna is a dream. I have experience but had never visited a Professional Lady before.
It has been a revelation, Miss Anna immediately put me at ease following my first nervous request for a meeting.
Before we met, Miss Anna took time to discuss my thoughts and what the session may involve.
Miss Anna is very approachable, thoughtful, intelligent. I found it very easy talking to Her.
So I found myself at the door.....on entering my heart skipped a beat. Miss Anna beckoned me in. I could not take my eyes from Her initially, I had mentioned I liked PVC but oh my......
Miss Anna had clearly picked up on every little thing I had said. My dream outfit...thigh high boots, PVC mini-skirt, all wrapped around Her gorgeous body. Her beauty...Her presence...Her scent....
My eyes were drawn around the room to an amazing assortment of equipment, and here I am, with the absolutely stunning Miss Anna.
Miss Anna took some time to make sure I was comfortable and ready, and showed me an assortment of the implements I was to have used on me.
She was so inclusive of me, clearly very knowledgable, confident and immediately trustworthy. Oh...and so very sexy.....
Miss Anna began. I was treated with the severity one would expect, at the same time feeling very comfortable that Miss Anna is an expert with Her instruments, that was obvious from the very start.

Miss Anna was strict yet sensual, Her demeanour and charisma adding to an already magical experience, one which I had put off for too long.
She painted my backside a luscious red, and we had only just started......
Miss Anna took me and strapped me to a chair....Her eyes, that wicked nipples now taking all thoughts of a sore bottom away as She twisted and flicked them, cropped them and clipped them.
She kept close, Her fabulous body rubbing against mine and She looked me deep in the eyes, twisting and tormenting my aching nipples. This moment will stay with me forever I think. It was so very personal, painful, Her outstanding beauty with that sadistic smile, the combination of feelings was quite unlike anything I have experienced before.
Miss Anna was an expert, heightening my anticipation by explaining each of the implements she was about to use and why.
She then used them very accurately and efficiently, as my marks would attest to for some days afterwards.
Miss Anna tailored the session perfectly, and even found time to fit in an experience I had mentioned but was not expecting.
On concluding the session, Miss Anna took time to make me comfortable, talk to me about the session, how I felt, and extended an invitation to contact Her again if I "dropped" a little or needed to talk.
I virtually floated home, physically the session had far exceeded my expectations.

Personally, it took me to places I never knew existed.
Miss Anna made that happen.
Miss Anna is everything and more than I had ever wished for, from Her personal inclusion, to the time and effort She must have spent to give me a truly unforgettable day. From Her expertise in administering my various punishments, to the understanding and clear love She has regarding so many aspects of Domination.
Miss Anna is a truly beautiful force of nature, and made my dream come true that day, and much, much more.
Truly one of the best experiences of my life.
Thank You so much Miss Anna.
I would urge anyone thinking of visiting a Professional Lady to ask Miss Anna politely.
You will thank yourself. Believe me.

Testimonial by David

I have been granted permission to post a review of Miss Anna Elite of Telford, with whom I have enjoyed two wonderful sessions in the last month.

I first became aware of Miss Anna through the usual Mistress directories, her website and Twitter profile. Miss Anna is a beautiful young Mistress whose list of activities/interests is quite comprehensive and ticked a lot of my boxes. Her premises are spotlessly clean, very discreet and safe, everything else can be seen on her website.

I know it is a cliched BDSM saying that ‘her photographs don’t do her justice’ but in this case, believe me they do. The photographs on her website portray a very beautiful, educated, stylish and enchanting young Mistress, and what you see is exactly what you get. But there is so much more to this Mistress than her beauty.

Initial communication was excellent and Miss Anna was well spoken, clearly intelligent, a firm tone of voice, but still friendly. Miss Anna took time to make sure she had sufficient detail to understand my preferences, previous experience and limits. She made it clear that this was important to her and allowed her to make sure our session would be an experience to remember (and oh boy, it was certainly that).

The main activities were going to be based around CP including the cane, strap on training and humiliation, including toilet training. I have lots of experience of the three former activities and a little of the last one but I was left in no doubt my limits would be challenged on all of them.

Our first session was excellent, my limits were pushed (as agreed beforehand) but I felt safe at all times and knew that I could trust Miss Anna totally. I also knew instinctively that Miss Anna was capable of taking me much further. Post session we discussed my feelings and I knew straight away that I wanted to visit Miss Anna again but next time wanted to give her my total submission.

A follow up session was arranged along the same lines, but with the understanding that Miss Anna would this time push me much further and my session would be more challenging. On arrival, I was told there was no going back on what had been discussed, I was to be severely punished, humiliated and degraded.

Miss Anna then told me what she had planned and what she expected of me. The skill and purpose with which she articulated this left me in no doubt, as she checked and double checked that I understood, asking me to confirm my understanding in a firm, imposing tone of voice that had me feeling desperate not to disobey or disappoint her, nor let her down. 

She then showed me a selection of new canes that she had acquired since my first session, including a new dragon cane that I was to receive.

We had already agreed there would be no safe words as my limits were to be pushed so as I was strapped down on her bench for a caning I knew I was about to suffer. A warm up followed with various implements before Miss Anna reached for her canes, telling me this was about to hurt - as though I needed any reminding. I lost track of how many strokes of the cane I was given but they left me with numerous welts and marks and only stopped when Miss Anna commented that there were signs of blood.

My caning was followed by strap-on training with Miss Anna simply telling me to prepare to be stretched much more than on my first visit, smiling wickedly as she showed me the size of what she was strapping in to her harness. Her energy as she kept thrusting in to me, our bodies coming together as she did so, leaving me gasping for breath, feeling used, abused and humiliated.

This was nothing to how I was going to feel next. I was again reminded that I was to be used by Miss Anna as her toilet and found myself agreeing to not disappoint her as she outlined what she expected of me

As Miss Anna positioned her toilet box and instructed me to place myself in it she told she was about to humiliate and completely degrade me. There was no safe word, I knew I was about to give Miss Anna my total submission albeit it I was nervous, unsure and anxious as I waited.

I was taken to my limit and beyond as her toilet, feeling totally humiliated and degraded as Miss Anna looked down on me, broken but proud of myself for pleasing her. As a reward Miss Anna allowed me to pleasure myself whilst she watched but even now my humiliation was not complete as she instructed me to clean up my mess.

Over 30 years I have submitted to a lot of Mistresses with mixed results, some wonderful experiences with some wonderful Mistresses. There is no number one as they are all different and my likes have evolved over the years, but Miss Anna is right up there with the best of them. Her skills as a Mistress and dominant personality are remarkable for one so young but ability clearly outweighs age or any perceived lack of experience. Outside of session time she is a really lovely, caring and genuine young lady who I can’t wait to submit to again and would highly recommend.

Testimonial by Sub D

I had been prowling Mistress Anna's twitter page and website regularly and finally built up the courage to contact her. Initial contact was through email and all communications were brilliant and efficient. I found Mistress to be very accommodating, approachable and overall pleasant throughout our email conversations. We discussed likes/fetishes, any limits and we agreed on everything.

A time and date was set which was suitable for the both of us. The day could not come any quicker. Off i travelled to Mistress' incall location. Lots of free parking available around the quiet residential area. No sense of any nosey neighbours and felt very discreet. Called Mistress and informed her i was parked, and she told me to come round. I was met by Mistress' receptionist and she showed me into the room to await Mistress Anna. 

As Mistress entered the room, the first impression was WOW. Her pictures on twitter and her website certainly do not do her justice. Mistress is stunning and gorgeous. Mistress makes you feel very comfortable and we discussed a little about our session. Discussion was over and Mistress told me to strip, kneel down in the middle of the room and await Her return.

Mistress returned and from the session was a bit of a blur and time passed so quickly. The session consisted of kneeling to Mistress and worshipping Her boots until she was satisfied. 

I was the instructed to bend over the bench as Mistress began her spanking of my ass, using her Superior Hands as well as other implements. Mistress knew and gauged that i did not enjoy severe pain, so Mistress kept it as sensual as possible with a little hint of "sting". Mistress talked throughout the session as I asked for humiliation and degradation. Once Mistress was satisfied that I had taken her punishment well enough, she kindly tied me to her chair and blindfolded me. She told me that i dare not cum, and if i did i would be punished and my orgasm would be ruined.

Mistress used her vibe to torment my already very erect cock, getting me right to the edge and then denying me any pleasure. My nipples, balls and cock were all thoroughly teased for Mistress' pleasure, yet not allowed any sort of pleasure myself. Kept on the edge as Mistress laughed at my squirming and torment. Mistress then used her rubber pussy (which felt absolutely amazing and i loved), to torment my cock further and keep on the edge and not allow me any release.

I was finally released from the shackles and told to kneel and worship Mistress stockinged feet, legs.I then had to thoroughly beg to be allowed to worship Mistress ass, and I was kindly granted. I kissed and caressed Mistress' amazing ass, all whilst being told to stroke my cock, yet not allowed to cum. I was then told to lie on the floor, as Mistress smothered and used my slave face as Her seat, as I was being sat on by the most beautiful and Superior Mistress. The thought of that was just overwhelming.

Mistress, then pulled her chair closer to me as I was lying on the floor, and used my body and face as her foot-rest. Watching Mistress cross her legs, whilst resting her feet on my chest was too much to handle and I begged Mistress for permission to cum. I was finally allowed release. Mistress allowed me to thank her in the proper manner, by kneeling and worshipping her feet for a few moments.
I was then dressed and we discussed the session for a few moments, and I found it a real honour to hear Mistress say that I had done well throughout the session and that she had enjoyed the hour. Mistress certainly did not enjoy the session as much as I did. I was in ecstasy.   
Overall the session was fantastic, and I cannot wait to book in with Mistress again. Thank You Mistress Anna. 

Testimonail by Sub S

my Session with Miss Anna was unforgettable and amazing. I am new to BDSM and until my Session with Miss Anna, i had no previous experiance. 

During my research to find a Domme, i happened upon Miss Anna’s Website; and needless to say, i was immediately impressed by how clear, articulate and accessible Her Website is, and by how well She expresses and presents Herself – i was hooked. 

During our email exchanges, as well as when W/we met in person, Miss Anna was always kind, empathic, supportive, understanding and caring towards my needs and any questions or even anxieties that i might have. 

Miss Anna is a very genuine, caring and authentic person, and i feel 100% natural talking to Her about anything.

i highly praise Miss Anna for Her kindness and substance of Character, as well as for Her amazing Dominance.
Miss Anna has a broad range of Dynamic Skill in Her Dominance; ranging from intense and firm to soft and sensual, whilst possessing great precision, balance and intuition in Her abilities, and all the while taking absolute control with an irresistible blend of Authority, seduction, assurance and gentleness in Her voice that makes you feel 100% assured and yearning to please, serve, adore and worship Her as the Superior Goddess that she is. 

After the Session, i felt mesmerised, fulfilled, and liberated.

i hope very much to visit Miss Anna again if i should be so lucky, and i 100% recommend visiting Her; for Miss Anna is a brilliant and Highly-Skilled Domme as well as an authentic, genuine and lovely person.

Miss Anna, i thank You wholeheartedly for the pleasure of meeting You, for the Session, and for introducing me to my submissive side.

Testimonial by Rob D

I first became aware of Miss Anna from her twitter feed and quickly followed it to her beautifully designed website. I had been looking for a beautiful Mistress to push my boundaries a little bit and to explore some new directions in my kinky life. Miss Anna seemed to be a perfect match, beautiful, professional and with a "likes" list that really meshed with mine. I had been wanting a gentle introduction into hardsports and Miss Anna looked like the perfect teacher. 

On the day, I was welcomed into Miss Anna's play room and made comfortable before Miss Anna appeared and we had an introduction and run though of activities for the next 2 hrs. I must admit I was rather nervous meeting a new Mistress and with the prospect of what I had suggested, but Miss Anna soon relaxed me. The 2 hrs flew by, Miss Anna is thebest Mistress I have seen for CP, she has fabulous control of her implements and takes great care of their application. 

The final part of the session involved hard sports, and it was wonderful. I could not have wished for a better introduction to it, and her thoughtfulness & aftercare was amazing.  I will definitely be making the 6hr round trip to see Miss Anna again if she permits it :)

Testimonial by Ball Bustee Mike

What can I say about Miss Anna, well I think only one word is applicable and that is PERFECT. She is in my opinion nothing shy of amazing all round, she is absolutely stunning physically from head to toe and professionally to. She takes the time to learn what your desires are, and what you are looking to achieve from a session and then has it down to a fine art.

She has so much knowledge in all forms of domination disciplains, plus she is so pleasant to talk to away from session, she has fantastic people skills and I can honestly say you will walk away with a smile on your face, and wanting more at the end of each and every session. I'd like to think anyone who's had the pleasure of meeting with her would agree, my only regret is that I never met Miss Anna sooner. 

I can say with great certainty once you've made the plunge and encountered your fist session, you won’t look anywhere else. 

Testimonial by Submissive P

Yesterday I met Mistress Anna , who besides being beautiful was thoughtful and intuitive and tied me up in a fashion that I have never experienced before , rope bondage ! It is a specialised skill and Mistress is self-taught and honestly quite brilliant ! She made me feel relaxed and comfortable to start with and at no time did I feel unsafe . This is not to say that she did not punish me , my back side was positively glowing, but I loved it!

This was our 1st session , one where she was probing to see what I wanted , but there will be further meetings where she will have the chance to test my limits even further and I look forward to them !! Thank you so much Mistress for taking time to deal with this unworthy person. 

Testimonial by Slave David

A positive stunning and amazing session from a stunning and amazing mistress,a true professional goddess worthy of absolute devotion. I shall return as soon as I possably can to beg to be at her feet and on the reciving end of her cane, I highly recommend any submissive male creature to book a session. 

Testimonial by Slave N

I have just had the utmost pleasure of a session with Mistress Anna. She was easy to find with parking not an issue. I was met by her very beautiful Secretary who showed me in and told me what I needed to do. I waited for Mistress Anna and boy was it worth it. Her pictures do not do her justice (and they are nice) she is much better in person. I think the reason for this is her incredible personality which shines through seconds after meeting her.  in finding such a wonderful Mistress so close. I cannot wait until next time. Thank you Goddess.

I had emailed her a fantasy of mine, thankfully she said that most of what I asked for she enjoyed. What followed was by far the best session I have ever had. Mind blowing!!!! Mistress Anna was laying kicks into me that I would normally not be able to take and would say stop but I was in a zone I had never been before. The whole session was amazing, I cannot recommend her high enough. If you were thinking of booking a session, email Mistress Anna and ask nicely. After the session Mistress Anna gave me the pleasure of her time and we had a chat. 

Clearly BDSM is a passion for her (perfect lady).​ I cannot believe my luck.

Testimonial by Sissy Sean

This was my first session with Anna. Everything about it was just as i would have hoped. Mistress was very firm but at same time made me feel safe & secure. The play room is fab & very well equipped, Anna had a huge arsenal of toys & bdsm gear, the options to her are endless. 

There was a lovely clean bathroom to to take shower in when the session ended. This i think will be my first of many visits as mistress is very addictive. Thank you mistress Anna.

Testimonial by Slave J

Had a wonderful first session with Mistress Anna. Put at ease when I arrived and trust me, pictures don't do her justice. Wow ! Intelligent and articulate with a passion for what she does. I'm still buzzing hours later. My return to the scene after years away couldn't have been in better hands. 

Testimonial by Sub Mike

The Best Experience I Could Have Ever Wished For......I have had submissive tendencies for as long as I can remember and over the last few years have wanted to explore them. Having approached a couple of Mistress's before, I never quite felt comfortable and decided it was not what I wanted, however Mistress Anna was very different. From my very first email enquiry Mistress Anna made me feel exceptionally comfortable. After a brief email exchange she agreed to allow me to pay her a visit for what was my first ever time.

I discussed the basics of my visit with Mistress Anna before via email, which made me feel even more comfortable, and excited, I had not had that before. I will admit I was a little nervous before the visit, having never done this before, but upon meeting Mistress Anna for the first time, I felt immediately at ease. And wow, what a session after that, she took complete control, and I felt so comfortable all the way through and was just memorised by her beauty and control, being allowed to worship her was a true privilege, one which I certainly would like to earn again.

To say the session met my expectations would be an understatement, it was truly fantastic far exceeding what I could have wished for. It felt like I had been there much longer than my hour, and Mistress Anna had helped me explore many of the things I had expressed an interest in, in a truly memorable way. A truly fantastic visit and I cannot wait until I am able to visit and worship her again.

Testimonial by Sub Matt

Mistress Anna is not only the perfect mistress, but undoubtedly one of the most attractive women I have ever met. Her passion for domination is very clear for all to see. From the moment I entered her lair I was completely spellbound. The sound of heels pacing around on the wooden floor only added to the anticipation. Her obvious good looks are immediately apparent along with the seething perfume that will lift your senses even higher

Always in control over your being and able to switch from hard to soft dominating in a flash keeps you begging for more. Her soft silky skin is to die for and if your a good boy you may even get touch! Would I recommend mistress Anna, in a heartbeat. A stunning lady that loves her job and will make you feel completely at ease. I cannot wait for my next session. Owned forever X

Testimonial by Foot Sub Terry

The best session I've ever experienced. Miss Anna put me in my place and I was immediately under her control. It was completely thrilling! Her feet were beautiful and I could have easily worshipped them all day! A dominant mistress but a lovely, friendly person all the same. Definitely hope to return! Terry x

Testimonial by Steve

Anna... where do i start... She is a petite, stunning Mistress with a body to die for.. don't let her petite statue fool you.. Anna knows what she wants from men and will have you at her feet in no time. Where as Anna says and I happen to agree, we should be, and what a fine place it is to be..

What ever your kink or fantasy Anna will well and truly fulfil this leaving you addicted for more! Anna’s Dungeon is spotlessly clean and well equipt with everything a Mistress would need to keep a sub in check! Until next time..... Steve

Testimonial by Rod

Anna, my session with you was just wonderful and you are a master with the strappon and the best I have ever had, and that is a lot from a number of different Mistress's. Anna is lovely, harsh Mistress. I will without doubt be visiting her again. Rod                                                                                                               


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